Main features:

  • Flight management, flight log forms, Automatic Check of mistakes done when introducing the flight reports.
  • Statistics and calculations; Fuel and oil Consumption, landing Fees, Salaries…
  • Automatic Reports for the Authorities.
  • Alarms and Reminders for Licenses, medical Certificates, insurances…
  • Real time check of the maintenance via web. 
  • Security; all the inputs done on the application are registered by user and date. 
  • FRMS multi dimensional, with support for different test.
  • SMS incorporated.






Graphical example of indicators:







  • Flights, costs, situation, licenses, maintenance, works...



  • Control situation, permissions, dates, inspection...



  • Activity, flights, licenses, dates, medical inspection...



  • Situation (it shows all the information of the present situation in one screen) Reports demanded by Authority, Activity, flights, licenses, fleet, pilots...



  • Situation (Shows all the information of aircraft, the situation of the maintenance) All service bulletins, works orders, stock...


Aerial works

  • Control of aerial works, aerial survey, Aerial Mapping - Aerial photography, etc.



  • Online library; (Documents, Manuals, introduction courses for employees, Users managements…). Self assessment for a quality system.
  • Automatic Flights Hours Certificates.
  • Shared Calendar, for single and multiple users.
  • Internal Messaging system for the users and customers.
  • Stock control; Useful for maintenance, Economic Quantification, sales, and buys…
  • Guided sessions for Customers, an ideal tool to check real time the actual situation of the works.
  • Employment; Automatic classification of the incoming CVs.
  • Personalised login system for each user and customers.


Control of aerial works

  • Monitoring the progress of the work from anywhere





Customized statistical reports

  • Customized system, we can change anything.