Main features

Flight management, flight log forms, Automatic Check of mistakes done when introducing the flight reports.

Alarms and Reminders for Licenses, medical Certificates, insurances…

Statistics and calculations; Fuel and oil Consumption, landing Fees, Salaries…

Real time check of the maintenance via web. 

Automatic Reports for the Authorities.

Security; all the inputs done on the application are registered by user and date. 

FRMS multi dimensional, with support for different test.

SMS incorporated.

Graphical example of indicators:


Flights, costs, situation, licenses, maintenance, works...


Control situation, permissions, dates, inspection...


Activity, flights, licenses, dates, medical inspection...


Situation (it shows all the information of the present situation in one screen) Reports demanded by Authority, Activity, flights, licenses, fleet, pilots...


Situation (Shows all the information of aircraft, the situation of the maintenance) All service bulletins, works orders, stock...

Aerial works

Control of aerial works, aerial survey, Aerial Mapping - Aerial photography, etc.


Online library; (Documents, Manuals, introduction courses for employees, Users managements…). Self assessment for a quality system.

Automatic Flights Hours Certificates.

Shared Calendar, for single and multiple users.

Internal Messaging system for the users and customers.

Stock control; Useful for maintenance, Economic Quantification, sales, and buys…

Guided sessions for Customers, an ideal tool to check real time the actual situation of the works.

Employment; Automatic classification of the incoming CVs.

Personalised login system for each user and customers.

Control of aerial works

Monitoring the progress of the work from anywhere

Customized statistical reports

Customized system, we can change anything.