All within the same Safety Management System (SMS) software Change Management, Risk Analysis, Report Management, Compliance ...

Online aviation Safety Management System software, operations, maintenance, administrative staff and other sections.

Safety Management System (SMS) is defined as a systematic approach to managing security, including the necessary organizational structures, responsibilities, policies and procedures.

Multi-taxonomy Report Classification:

You can upload taxonomies from different organisms to the database. In this way you will obtain a comparable report with the different organisms, without modifying your own types.

Taxonomies of Safety Management International Group (SM ICG), EASA, FAA, AESA, ANAC, DGAC, FOCA, JCAB, CAA UK, ... depending on the impact that each organization has with the different states.

SMS management:

Report Management, with assignment of Matrix, Users, Documents, Opportunities, Tasks, Mitigations, with general assessments of all risks according to the quantifications of each hazard.

Each hazard is managed, with classifications, risk quantification before and after existing barriers and mitigations.

Mitigation management for each hazard assigns a person in charge, actions and dates that will be controlled by the compliance monitoring system.

Automatic Monitoring:

Recent advances in algorithms, the proliferation of digital data sets, and improvements in processing have come together to bring to life a new class of enterprise-ready AI technology. An SMS management and more if it is combined as Air Management with ERP, FRMS, etc., has a constantly growing mountain of data assets and artificial intelligence provides a way to analyze this resource at scale.

Monitoring security performance in aviation security management systems (SMS) is without a doubt one of the most important tasks you will perform in your SMS. Regulatory requirements make SMS performance monitoring automated by AI, with human factors risk reduction.

The main features are

Create a sustainable safety culture. Efficiently use the information collected. Recognize areas of vulnerability. Develop a safer work environment. Ability to analyze data and identify important trends. Sending safety and quality reports, (includes email reports with receipt evidence, signatures, tracking, etc.).

Contribution to cost reduction and profit improvement. Conformity control. Evidence compliance with regulations. Secure web application, SSL, requires identification, access traces and modifications. SMS Performance Dashboard for senior management to monitor SMS performance. Change Management System.

The main features are

Interaction with CMS, FRMS, ERP, PIM, AMS, PRL modules. Robust Audit System, with multiple audit templates, monitoring of actions and resolution with automatic notices to each person in charge. Management of Training and Qualifications. Single control panel. (From the same screen you can manage the discrepancies, reports, pending mitigations).

 Info Mail Management. Security surveys, bulletins, library of lessons learned). You can define a multidisciplinary team to analyze each event, report, etc. Multi risk matrix. AI surveillance, with automatic interaction. 100% customizable, responsive, adapted to each organization.

In the following diagram you can see the workflow carried out by the Air Management software.